So today was the last day in Topana, and also the end of our service in the Romani communities. As such, I would like to summarize. The funniest thing happened on this trip. Unknowingly, I put limitations on God before I ever boarded the first plane to come to Macedonia. I expected to show the Roma kids a picture of love and grace, a picture of Jesus, and somewhere in the process God showed up. He didn’t say “yay Jenna” or “you go girl,” instead God used these children and the group formerly referred to as strangers to teach me about love and grace and maybe even a little bit of mercy. I’ve experienced more rich and more full worship in the past week than I have in such a long time, and I can honestly say I’ve been with Jesus. I’ve talked He’s listened, He’s talked I’ve done my best to listen. I’ve had my vices tested and twisted and tortured, but by the GRACE of God, I’ve overcome a lot of them. I’ve met a total stranger and developed a bond of LOVE and edification that I never expected to find through this. I had my convictions before ever signing up for this trip, but God used every single aspect of this journey to nail them down…to say I told you so…to kick me for ever doubting…and to reassure me of my absolute dependence on Him and Him alone. God has brought several new and amazing people into my life, and I’m going to miss them so much when I leave here, but I will also leave with the comforting knowledge that I’ll leave with a renewed mind, and a strengthened heart. I don’t have anything super inspirational to give you. No miracles, no amazing feats of my doing to list, but it doesn’t even matter because thanks be to God, He’s the only significance there is. And I can say that His name has received the glory for what has happened in Skopje over the past week.

Let the peoples praise you, O God;
Let all the peoples praise you.
Oh, let the nations be glad and sing for joy!
Psalm 67:3-4a


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