The back of yo head is ridicalusss

So I have hair, and I like it. Usually I live in crazy hair, in fact this past summer I realized I’d already been living in camp hair years before I got there. I’ll comb it when I get out of the shower because it’s getting super long, but most days I just don’t go beyond that. I could make excuses all day long if you wanted (too busy, too lazy, global warming), but whatever the reasons, I like the boho wild woman hair. Last fall I tried a “Devil Wears Prada” bang and loved it, and then got some red foiled in and loved that, and most recently I dyed the tips of my bottom layer purple for kicks. It was fun. In honor of my infatuation I wanted to share some fabulous things I’d love to do with my hair.

First Up: Accessories

I LOVE a headband.

I also love a bow.

I want to be a rockstar hippie.

Veils make me smile. Especially on a hat.

2. Fun Colors

Mnnn. Pink. (and if Rachel McAdams does it, well…)
And the prettiest fiery red.
3. Hair I secretly covet.

Sure she scares me. A Lot. But her hair is the coolest.

Big Wheels Keep on Turnin’, Prouuuddd Mary Keeps on burnin’

…clearly I’d be crazy not to want her hair.

One thought on “The back of yo head is ridicalusss

  1. Work that up-do!
    1. I always like your hair.
    2. I really like that first headband… and the girl that makes them. Her blog is so cute… except now she only talks about her dog.
    3. I also love that lady gaga hair bow crazyness. So cute.

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