What’s Love Got to do With it?

^from this etsy shop
Confession Time. I am a super nerd. And I kind of love it. I won’t lie; I’m pretty excited about graduating, but I’m also a little distraught about it. I really love school. I loved in the sixth grade. I loved it when I was 16. I love it now. I love getting to sit in a class with people from all different backgrounds and places and hear what they have to say, and I especially love my literature classes. I literally get a rush when someone says something I didn’t think about. AMAZING that people can look at the same exact thing and see something completely different. I love gathering facts about various things that I know I will probably never actually need to know. And I get a kick out of things like this Hamlet Facebook Page. I laughed out loud in class for about 2 minutes, then giggled quietly for the next hour. I love researching, and I would live on the second floor (the reference section) of my school’s library forever and not mind it one bit. I enjoy documentaries, and left to myself I will read a thesaurus. It’s true. I’m a nerd, but it’s ok, as long as you remember:

^from that etsy shop

:) love you much.


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