Say What?

Let me just say first of all, I am not Catholic. Also, I’ve already related to you in previous posts the impracticality of me giving up anything. (You’ll recall, I’m just far too lazy and unmotivated). 40 days is a LONG time! However, there are a few things I wouldn’t mind giving up for Lent. They are as follows:

-Brocolli (not that I actually eat it now)

-Make up (not that I’ve been wearing it recently)

-Washing Clothes (…I can go about 41 days before running out of essentials, I’m on 15 or so now)

-Reality TV ( not that I have time for tv, but I do love Ace of Cakes)
[Sensing a pattern yet?]

That being said, I did actually contemplate and com up with a list of things that I’m realistically considering a fast from.

-The words “rude,” “like” and “uh.”
Normally, you’d hear something like this coming from me:
“Ruuudeeee!” or (for “like” see the previous sentence^) or “I’ll look, uhhh, ok here it is.”

For Lent, I will replace these words with:
“Scurrilous or incorrigible,” “almost as if,” and “weellllllll.”

e.g. : “He certainly was scurrilous; I mean, what he did was absolutely incorrigible.”
“I it’s almost as if chocolate milk.”
“Sure I’ll get it, wellllllllllllllllll, where is it again?”

I also considered giving up at least one of my “Jenna faces,” but the impossibility of choosing between the “underbite of disapproval” and the “touche smirk” ended that endeavor before it advanced any distance at all really. So clearly, I will not be giving up any facial animation or verbal confabulations; therefore, my practical choice for Lent is,

The serif on the “J” in Jenna. I’m really quite fond of that serif, so this is going to be rather difficult, but I think I can do it. It is after all only 40 days.


2 thoughts on “Say What?”

  1. Also…
    – I hate brocolli
    – I never wear make up anymore either… but maybe I should
    – You have so many clothes
    – The avett brothers were on ace of cakes last week and I missed it. FAIL.

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