Go ahead be gone with it

Be ye forewarned, this will not be worth your time in any way imaginable. Sorry Boutcha. I just thought, I have some time to kill, and I feel like talking…without actually talking, so really I guess I just feel like sharing. These are things I love in this moment.I wish Tim Burton was my friend. Alice was so good.

I love her so much. So pretty and sweet.

I never get tired of these on my nails.

One day I might make my bridesmaids wear this ^
or that ^ either of which will keep me laughing for years.

When I finally get time to sew, I’m going to make something like this.

And finally, we took our fair share of awkward family photos over the summer (see following), but the last guys take the cake. This was for real a chairmen of the board official portrait. It makes me die always. Sometimes when I’m having a bad day I’ll pull it up to laugh.

If you’re super confused/questioning my sanity I understand. There was no rhyme or reason to this post other than to let you in my head for a minute. I won’t be offended if you don’t like it there, it’s an acquired taste. And on that note, I’m going to start a new (maybe once a week) endeavor where I will try to tell you at least one secret about me. It could be fun. It could be traumatizing. Excited yet?


2 thoughts on “Go ahead be gone with it”

  1. This blog almost made me cry I was laughing so hard. Out Loud. My roommate thinks I’m so weird… and clearly she is right. A few things:
    -i will see alice.
    -those are also my fave nails. and my current nails.
    -can i please be one of your bridesmaids?! i need more ruffles in my life. uh, also im in a wedding next weekend. we need to talk about this…
    -shan and clay make me die.
    -tell me all your secrets.
    -please post more blogs like this.

  2. I was actually still wavering on whether or not this kind of post was acceptable so thank you for the confirmation! Also you can absolutely be a bridesmaid…and not wear a feather in your hair. Unless I decide to go with a themed wedding. (the theme clearly being crazy)

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