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I’m a little heart-broken today. I have a notebook that I write absolutely everything in, and I cannot find it anywhere. It’s the saddest ever. The worst part is that in this notebook was all my brainstorming for “One Thing I Love Thursday” and “Secret Saturday.” …soooo, sorry but today’s secret is going to be a little lame. It will however give you more insight to my life, which is what is was all about anyways. So here we go.

After I’m done getting ready in the morning, I always smile at myself in the mirror. Twice. One serious, then one silly. And then, I avoid mirrors for the rest of the day. Granted this means that sometimes I have people going, “Oh girl, please fix your hair” a good bit, but I think avoiding mirrors actually helps my self-esteem. I can’t judge what I can’t see, and if the last thing I saw was me making a silly face I just remember how fun I am and how if I do whatever I do in my life with confidence (thank you Meredith aka, best roomie ever for that motto) then I can have a good day loving myself and everyone else without being worried about silly superficial things.


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