I really do love to read and write

^This is something I’m thinking about today. Also the blog it came from is super fun (in a completely nerdtastic sort of way). It’s here in case you’re feeling adventurous, and it’s also where I found a link to this something (below) on this blog by Lisa Shearin. I kind of love it…especially the one about characters who interrupt conversations with real people…this happens to me a lot. Also I have a favorite punctuation; (I’ve worked out a way it can be a metaphor for life, but I won’t share lest I reveal too much of my inner nerd.)

    You know you’re a writer when:

  • You sleep with pen and paper next to your bed — and the stove and the couch and the dining table and the shower and the toilet and the. . .
  • You have a favorite punctuation mark. My editor’s trying to wean me off of em dashes — good luck with that.
  • You have a favorite pen. Uniball Signo 207 with the comfi-grip in black ink. Uh, what do you mean there are other colors?
  • You get caught up in plotting your next scene and put the cereal in the fridge, and the milk in the pantry.
  • The stacks of your old manuscripts and rejection letters officially constitutes a fire hazard
  • You desperately want Crayola tub markers so you can write down all that great dialog that comes to you in the shower.
  • You love restaurants that put a big sheet of paper over the table cloth and leave you with a handful of crayons.
  • You’re talking to a real, living, breathing person and suddenly stop and listen because one of your characters interrupted you.
  • You think sleep is way overrated. Who needs more than three hours anyway?
  • Your novels are backed up on your laptop, your husband’s laptop, two thumb drives, and you’re seriously toying with the idea of getting a safe deposit box.
  • And finally, you know your a writer if you look at yourself and see a writer. Everyone else looks at you and sees an obsessive-compulsive, anal-retentive insomniac with a pen fetish.

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