Clearly I will never again actually tell you a secret on secret Saturday. Sorry. I actually thought of one too, but I’ll save it for later I guess. Still want a secret? I have 2 papers left in college (one due tomorrow at midnight and one due Wed. at 5) and I haven’t started either. *Gasp. The first one is only 4-5 pages; that’s literally only about 40 minutes of my life once I start, and the second….well I should probably be afraid. Shakespeare papers take at least 3 completely intense edits, but since I didn’t start last week, I’m already sliding down the slippery slope. Another secret? I don’t care! Today I got to soak up the sun and stuff all my graduation invites into envelopes. I’m so over this whole grade thing… except I need them to graduate. Ok, you’re right, lamest secret ever… Next week?


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