All you need is Love

Emphasized by one of my favorite Beatles songs, and definitely the one thing I’m loving this week : I Love being loved. Sometimes I feel lonely, I think it’s because all my friends have schedules just as crazy as mine, and I feel like that whole out of sight, out of mind thing kicks in, but there are a few people who no matter how sparingly I see them, always manage to make me feel loved. I love them every second of every day, but today I think they deserve a special mention.Sweet Allison has been my constant support since I met her. Literally two minutes after ever talking to or seeing her, she was easing my fears and making me laugh with her charm and wit. She and I talk a lot, even though I haven’t seen her months (Please come on May), and I absolutely adore her!

Emily here, has been my best friend for years and years now, and even though we’ve both grown a lot, nothing has ever changed our friendship. She too is such an encouragement. She’s good at advice, one of the best examples of a Godly woman that I know, and I don’t think she could be mean if you tried to make her. Thank God for a friend who can make it all better when it’s bad.

And my lovely newly(ish)wed Kimberly. She has grown so much in the past year, and she’s always willing to lift me up to the Lord, and help me when I need anything. She makes me laugh, and honestly, she probably knows me better than I know myself. She understands who I am because she was there when I was becoming this person. Without her, geez, let’s not go there.

And then there’s my sweet Reagan who makes me feel so loved, every time we make eye contact. I cannot imagine my life without this sweet girl. BFF4E.

I love these girls so much. And I love being loved by them. I know I’ve been talking about it a lot, but graduation is kind of a big deal, and in such an emotional time when I’m tempted to feel like no one really understands or that I’m alone, I have these girls who lift my spirit and remind me of who I am. Mnnn. Love, I love it.


4 thoughts on “All you need is Love”

  1. How precious! I think your crazy emotions are rubbing off on me since I am sitting in my living room crying about how precious and sweet you are…thanks for that!

  2. You are LOVED…by my entire family…and by an eternal HOLY God! This post will make Reagan smile when I show her. She is asleep right now, so that will have to wait.
    We are so excited about your graduation. We will be there with the cow bells…we are from Slapout, right!!

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