Secret Saturday Lives On

I know I have neglected you faithful few, so to make up this secret Saturday is going to be saturated. Fasten your seat belts. :]

I’ll be honest. Sometimes I’m needy. Sometimes I talk to myself, sing to myself, and yell at other people when myself is the only one who can hear. I used to have a list. And not just of boyfriend qualifications, but of careers and places to live and names for babies that P.S. I am terrified about having. I like the Winter and I love it when it rains. I hate having to repeat myself, but I love when people can communicate with their eyes. I forever want country music to get out of my life, and I am sometimes gangster in my car with Ice Ice Baby and Run DMC. Every now and then I cry, but mostly my cheeks just hurt from smiling. My hair gets stuck in my seatbelt and car door a lot, and brushing my teeth is one of my favorite things to do. Ever. I’m just a girl, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all.


2 thoughts on “Secret Saturday Lives On”

  1. You are so precious! Your words make me smile. I am going to miss you this summer. Will you be able to blog while you are out of town? Facebook? Email? Just wondering….

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