we’ll just know when it’s right

Winter is my favorite season, but I absolutely adore Fall. I love the smells, the colors, the atmosphere-everything. I have to make myself be patient for fall time because when you live in Alabama it’s like having a perpetual summer. If I jump into all my favorite Fall things too soon, the humidity forms an alliance with the sun and they mock me by making me suffer through 98degree days with 86% humidity. So I trick them into thinking I don’t care about Fall and that I can wait forever on it, and magically it comes sooner! Ok, so maybe that’s not entirely true, but whether aided by me or not, Fall is oh so very close, and these are some things I cannot wait to make happen! the grandpa sweater. I am desperately searching for the perfect one since this one was sold via Etsy before I even had the chance to snatch it up. If your sweet old pappy decides this is year to move to Florida, be a pal and ask him for the sweater he will clearly not need in the sunshine state and send it to me.

the riding boots. I LOVE these. However, I really want a vintage pair, just because I think its so magical and charming to wear a boot that is preloved and has traveled. I always find it so fascinating and fun to imagine who used things before me and what they did with them.

pumpkin.spice.latte. Oh Yes. I may or may not have a slight addiction to them, but I refuse to buy them until there’s a chill in the air. And at that point I might need to find an extra job because I will probably celebrate fall with them regularly.

I love fall for a lot of intangible reasons too. I just think the leaves changing colors and falling is so poetic and beautiful- a picture of people adapting and learning new things, then letting the deadweight that holds them down slowly drift away (because we all know changing can be a slow and painful process) and then being left with bare branches, naked and vulnerable before the world, yet strong and sure of themselves. ah, so very beautiful.
this girl is so ready for fall.


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