Stop, Pause, Play.

I’ve been looking at my recent blog posts, and I realized I need to actually let you know what’s happening in my life. You’ll be happy to know that I am still a little crazy, and still completely sarcastic. (I can hear your sighs of relief) For someone who is kind of at a standstill, I’ve been doing a lot of moving. My schedule is way weird on account of its changing weekly, and while that thrills me to no end, sometimes it can be challenging. You’d think someone who loves spontaneity and change so much would have a better memory, but I don’t and consequently my blog, correspondence, and plants that try to survive in my apartment suffer.
Here are some of the things I do:
tutor. Every Monday and Wednesday 8:45-5. But on occasion my tutoring sessions with my fourth grader get changed, so then its only 11-5 and the other 2 hours gets moved to another day of the week.
be tutored. I’m learning Portuguese; if you didn’t know already, I’m going to Brazil. For several months, and I leave at some point this fall…the rest of the details are uncertain because they all depend on things I can’t control. (yes not having control makes me flinch, no I’m not worried) This is probably the most challenging thing I’m doing right now, because I think I could study 5+ hours a day and not be where I want to be.

These notes + this face = wrinkles on my forehead. Not cool, Portuguese, not cool. I mean, não é legal, Português, e não legal.

mentoring. Unfortunately this gets pushed back when scheduly things start to conflict, but Lesley DeVaughn is absolutely amazing and ever so sweetly encourages me and speaks Truth into my life. Also, I’ve been really feeling like I need to start doing this more intentionally with my sister. She is such an amazing person with such a tender heart and I want to start pouring into her with a lot more regularity because let’s face it, highschool is awful, and talking is fun.
substituting. So far, I’ve only done elementary classes, but it’s kind of fun. (Seeing that in writing makes me question my sanity) And this is what hopefully fills my free days in the week.
the rest. Things that get penciled in include, but are not limited to: babysitting, friends, weddings, parties (for babies, marriage, and friendship) (and this includes designing invites, buying gifts, cooking, etc.) and making lists.
I actually don’t think I could function without my planner anymore. I really can’t remember much at a time.
Meanwhile, all of these things sometimes make me feel like I’m doing a whole lot…but without really accomplishing much of anything. That’s when I have to remember that as long as I’m being obedient, and seeking the Lord in everything I do, every minute of every day, then I am accomplishing much. I’m accomplishing His will. It’s hard sometimes for a prideful control freak like myself, but I’m trying and I like to rest in Zechariah 4:6 which says, “Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit says the Lord of hosts.”
Currently I’m really striving to faithfully live out Ephesians 4:29 “Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, so that it will give grace to those who hear.” I struggle with the whole according to the need of the moment; I always seem to regretfully find myself musing on needs in the future. And I think I often miss opportunities because I’m thinking what can I say that will benefit long-term. Maybe I’m just odd, but this verse is harder for me than it reads . Point of all this being: I’m living, and loving, and trying my best all while being a faithful proponent of the Oxford Comma.
P.S. This weekend was Wedding Weekend for BFF Emily, so you can anxiously await a semi-sappy, reflective, post full of photos soon. :)

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