I’ve known Emily for 12 years or so now, but it wasn’t until we had the same teacher in the 8th grade, that we became BFFs. We were pretty much inseparable, and all of my favorite grade school memories involve her.


old photos have poor quality, which I’m not upset over since we look a hot mess. hey striped polos, heyy.

Em was on homecoming court this year. and clearly neither of us ever went into the sunlight.

also this year, Em convinced me to play basketball with her. more accurately, she played, I loitered.

so she played softball with me. Or more accurately, I played, she galavanted.

This was at my sixteenth birthday party. Don’t ask why we all decided to be princesses; we know we’re ridiculous.
apparently not much happened this year, I can’t find any pictures…oops.
Freshman Year

Sophomore Year
we like the beach.

Junior Year
and we like to make silly faces.
Senior Year
21st birthday…and at the beach again.

October 16,2010
I’m pretty sure this picture most accurately portrays us/our friendship.
Me: part hyena / part giraffe Em: Poised and Pretty.

She is one of the sweetest, most compassionate, thoughtful and loving, and funny people I know, and I wouldn’t be who I am today without her. Together we learned the value of honesty, trust, integrity, and love. Emily has been there for me, always. And I love her dearly. I’m also pretty satisfied in her choice of mate; Lee is pretty much the best and he adores her. So here’s to people you can’t live without!

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