Birthdays, Part two

If you have a moderately reliable memory(or really if you have any memory at all), you will remember that my sister’s birthday was two days ago. She doesn’t however get the whole month to herself because so many people I love also share this birth month with her.

The first person she has to share with is my mom! If you have known
me for very long or have ever met my mom, then you know that she is super fun, and you probably love her more than me. That’s ok; after about the 3rd time I was told my mom was ‘just like me, but cooler,’ I accepted it. She loves both The Eagles and Family Force Five (whom I loathe), and last year she had a purple streak in the bottom layer of her hair. She’s really smart and extremely analytical, but also very tender and compassionate. A lot of the time I think we fight because we’re so much alike. However, no one thinks I’m quite as funny as she does, and no one loves me more.

Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you lots.

and for your viewing pleasure, some actual birthday pics.

Also, today is homecoming for my highschool, which makes 5 years since my senior year homecoming. Weird. Also weird, being asked “Weren’t you the very first homecoming queen for EMCA?” as if it happened in 1903. 22 is not old people; it’s not. Since this week has pretty much become “Jenna’s life in pictures” I’ll try to get some good ones tonight and make a then/now post. Could be fun…could be traumatic.

One thought on “Birthdays, Part two

  1. awwwwww or is it ahhhhhhh. Thanks Jen. Did I ever tell you that you are my favorite 1st daughter…. but clearly I do not understand how to take computer pictures –

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