Big City Dreams

I want to be honest with you dear readers, but honestly, sometimes I find there are things I just can’t make myself share. I say this because recently I was asked what I would want to do if I didn’t have any limitations at all, and it was one of those questions that I like to hear other people answer, am intrigued by, but kind of end up blinking a lot and stuttering in response to. There is so much, so very much I would love to do. I would never ever be able to say just one thing definitively. I mean, if I had no limitations, I’d do it all. But that’s absolutely unreasonable, so until “then” (whenever and whatever “then” ends up being) I will share one of the things my heart desires. This video, idea, and man have intrigued and inspired me and accomplishing something like this would be so amazing. Please watch, enjoy, and gain some insight, and maybe eventually I’ll be more comfortable sharing my heart with a faceless and nameless people. (i wouldn’t hold my breath though :)


3 thoughts on “Big City Dreams”

  1. I can, but it really loses some of its brilliance that way. He wanted to help people, so he did. And that resulted in him creating this awesome tutoring/publishing center/fantastical store… you should really just make time for it.

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