hey there Dreamy McDreamerson

I am and will be infinitely intrigued by this Waterhouse painting

I’m still in a dreamy state, so today I’m going to share with you something else I want to do; although, this thing is not a long-term type of endeavor (however cool that might be).

I adore the Victorians, adore them (and their bows and lace and houses and art and hair and literature). Now before I had Dr. Woodworth, I didn’t know a lot about them, nor was I concerned with them (the closest I had gotten to their Age was the 18th Century Comic Novel, and that experience was one of the worst in my life; comic does not mean funny; their humor is not my own), but after delving into some Dickens and Lord Byron [swoon]and all the other fabulous writers of the time, I fell in love. I want to be a Victorian so badly. However, that is not the point of this post; wow, I am such a nerdy English major.

I want to travel in Europe. But I particularly want to visit Great Britain. I’ve talked before of how magical I think it is to own and use things people have owned and used before me, but it’s even more enchanting to imagine walking where my some of my favorite authors have walked and to think about seeing places they saw. Like crazy awesome. I once used this website to research some social themes for a paper I was doing, and I confess, I might have spent the next week reading all the articles they had about everything. (I also might have spent some time swooning on this website, which is dedicated to one of my most favorite authors, and is just as witty and intelligent as I’m sure she would want it to be.)

I daydream about this sort of thing pretty frequently, and in my scheming I happened upon this awesome endeavor. It’s called couchsurfing and it’s so cool. (if you just just heard a shocked gasp followed by cries of protest, don’t worry, it was probably just my mom being appalled after clicking the link and trying to comprehend how I could ever consider staying or traveling with a ‘stranger’) For the record, I didn’t say with certainty I’d do it, but it would undoubtedly be pretty neat. Besides it’s much more appealing than my “go-to-Europe-be-an-au pair” idea that I was so keen on my junior year of college. (you’re right, I still think that could be fun)

Either way, I would probably die of sheer joy if the opportunity for an excursion presented itself. Oh Victorians, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.


1 thought on “hey there Dreamy McDreamerson”

  1. Jenna –

    a) miss you!
    b) a friend of mine did – go to europe au pair – and she loved it! She went to . . . . Turkey? I think. And all she had to pay was her airfare back to the states. I.e., they paid for her plane ride there, all living expenses the entire summer and even paid her extra cash. So awesome. And I am jealous of her, and would be of you!

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