Celebrity[ish] boyfriend round 4

Previously I have shared some of my celebrity boyfriends in the form of a poet, a musician, and an actor. I think the time has come to unveil one of my favorite boyfriends, one that I might even dare to put at the tiptopiest point on my list, and he is a fictional character.

Despite my love of all things Victorian and Jane Austen, it is not Mr. Darcy. (while I am inevitably attracted to and sympathetic for the egotistical, prideful, and narcissistic, there is no one of that kind on my imaginary list of love. No, no Mr. “My good opinion once lost, is lost forever,” I could never love you like I love….

Sherlock Holmes.

He is just the most swoon worthy man to never breathe air that I know. Normally I’d put pictures here, but most of them are only of Robert Downey Jr. (not that he isn’t on my list too, because he is) and the point of Holmes being my literary crush is because I fell in love with text, not an A-list celebrity. So, here’s what I love:

He’s so smart. When he figures stuff out, it’s never on accident, it’s always “Elementary!”
His vocabulary and speech is so legit, I mean eloquent. He says words like “beget” and “abhorrent” and “exceedingly so.”
He’s logical, yet creative. He believes that “when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”

plus, he’s a little wild, slightly reckless, infinitely inquisitive, and since he exists primarily in my imagination, he’s the most handsome.


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