goin’ to the chapel

I have this friend, and she’s getting married; I am excited. Since most people who read my blog are people I see at lesat bi-weekly and almost none of you know her, I thought it would be fun to introduce you to her.

Her name is Allison Demott, and she is the coolest. I met Allison when I worked for Fuge camps at Mississippi College in 2009. This is what we looked like:

We weren’t roomates, but on day number one, she embraced and comforted a confused and extremely nervous girl, so eventually I became her honorary roomate (those suite mates made me laugh and let me cry and approved my clothing before worship every night).

Allison loves the Lord so much, and she has been such an encouragement to me, not only that summer, but ever since then. We love Gail, and vintage, and turquoise, and the NOLA, and site babies, and starbucks, and our sisters. (ijustlovehersomuch!!!)

This is what we looked like when I went to visit her in FL before camp 2010.

















And when she came by my site in KY during camp 2010.

And this is what she and that sweet boy of hers look like:

(yes I creeped on her profile for this one)

I cannot wait until #alirayweddingextravaganza2011 (I get to wear a dress that I will for real wear again. and again. and again). And I know that everything will be the most adorable (just like she is). We are soul sisters all the way. Twinsies.

P.S. You should be her friend too; I’ll help you- twitter. blog.


3 thoughts on “goin’ to the chapel

  1. Jenna! Jenna! You’re just making me cry via your blog. I love love LOVE you. I’m so glad you’re my bff. I’m so glad you’re going to be in my wedding. Remember how I love you?

  2. Dear Allison, thanks for getting married in April and bringing Jenna home to me sooner! Love your friend that has never met you but loves you all the same Kimberly

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