a few of my favorite things.

most of the time I don’t watch t.v. in real time and i just skip the commercials during the shows, so if i happen to find really funny commercials i like to favorite them on the youtube and watch them every day at my own convenience. here are some of the ones that are currently making me laugh out loud. 

i used to be really afraid of her-like as afraid as i am of the Old Navy mannequins, but after this commercial, i cannot get enough of her. the 24 second mark is where the tears start rolling from my eyes.

i don’t even like snickers, but kudos to them because i love aretha franklin and i love this commercial.

also this one: hey future, heyy.

in fact all of these commercials make me die. watch them here.

oh commercials, you are everything i hate about American Culture, but you make me laugh.


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