So my friend Ashlyn is a photographer, and this weekend I went down to Mobile to visit her (and bff Tori) at school. Of course I would never want you guys to be left out, so I decided a blog post about how talented she is was in order. This is what she looks like:

unless she’s taking a picture of you, because then she looks like this:

Let’s start by stating the obvious, Tori and I are not models. We’re mostly retarded; however, we have seen an awful lot of both America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway. Ashlyn, bless her soul, knows this but sometimes chooses to take us along with her anyways, and the results of such outings are sometimes quite surprising.

credit for my header goes to Ash...obviously.

one of my favey faves.


Through all of this we learned, my go-go gadget arms are super awkward 90% of the time, Tori is actually a supermodel, and Ashlyn has an amazing eye for detail. I considered changing my life plan (which doesn’t exist) to be a model, but don’t worry because I certainly don’t have enough will power or dedication to make cotton balls the staple in my diet and I really can’t help but be slightly awkward, so modeling really cannot be in my future.

I always have fun with Ashlyn and Tori, and I love these pictures because they make me think of them.

P.S. you should be a friend/fan of Ashlyn Joy Photography. (I’ll let you know when her website launches in January!)



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