as you know and understand accept, i am an addicted avid blog reader. i don’t think that it’s a bad thing because the things i read are often uplifting and always inspiring. it’s the most common way that i keep up with all the friends i have who either live in other states or have other schedules (you know ones that involve working more than two days a week and don’t involve watching Harry Potter movies all day while trying to accio some juice from the fridge to avoid getting off the couch), and it’s the fastest way to spark my creativity. remember how i think everyone’s creative? well, i also think that they all have muses that help them out. don’t get all preachy on me just yet, i don’t mean that they are given help from fairies they invoke with praise and such (this isn’t classical Greek literature folks), but if you are truly in tune with your creative mind, you know the effect that a beautiful color palate or well-organized information can have on you. i honestly believe that the most beautiful things are made when those who create them are in tune with He who created them; however, it is, i think, obvious that He allows us to feed off one another and develop our own wonderful ideas from those ideas which others have shared. like it or not, all people are people-people and we both need and excel when we embrace one another (i meant most of that metaphorically; hug me all you want, it won’t make you win the Pulitzer prize…if it did i’d be hugging myself).

allllll of that being said, because i have been inspired by several artsy bloggers, i’m going to attempt to keep an art journal of my trip to Brazil. i like the idea of conveying what happens in more ways than just words; i feel like that’s what the spirit does for us each and every day, so then it made sense in my finite mind to attempt the same. hopefully when i come back i will be able to look at my journal and see words and pictures and colors that accurately display whatever it is that i felt each day. i feel optimistic about it.

here are a few beautiful and fun journals i have drawn inspiration from:

from Julia's Poppies which is one of my most fave blogs.


Elsie's story project via
can you feel the emotion seeping out?!

i am really excited about this endeavor because i haven’t kept a journal since highschool and those served as bonfire fuel about 3 years ago instead of lifelong inspiration. i know Brazil is going to be a mixture of joy and pain for me, but i know it’s going to be beautiful through it all. here’s hoping that all those crayons and scissors and micron pens and watercolours don’t weigh my suitcases down, but instead lift my spirit up.

blogs for the above favorites: one. two. three.


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