activity update.

since i updated you friday about what’s happening inside of me (in my brain, not my kidneys or lungs), i think i should tell you what happened externally this weekend.

Friday: b.f.f. tori came home earlier this week and she, being the partying gal that she is, planned a pie party. everyone made/brought a pie and we hung out and sampled. i decided to be clever so Shay and I made this:

you will note that they didn’t say what kind of pie to bring, so it totally counted. i was just looking out for everyone’s health! 8 whole pies is a lot; thanks for the push towards obesity, friends. we went with the tacky christmas theme and played a lot of intense catchphrase. friday was also my friend clay’s birthday! he’s 22 now, what a baby. and he’s also a college graduate now, which brings us to…

Saturday: clay graduated from my alma mater (ha!) AUM that morning at 10. read here if you want to see what he had to say about it. he was so excited, bless him, that i didn’t have the heart to tell him (yet again) that growing up is for the birds and people who say graduating is awesome are only right for about 2 weeks. not that i don’t love my life right now, but college is pretty much where it’s at–my heart that is. 

and that night, toralt as i like to call Tori and her significant, Walter (mostly in my head because it’s a little ridiculous) threw the annual Cmas dinner party. jon,amanda,walt,EVERYONE ELSE someone decided not to have a tacky theme this year, so people had to look Christmas casual (which is clearly not as fun as wearing bells in your hair and 3 snowmen on the front pocket of your denim button up) but no worries, i didn’t have to worry about missing out on the tacky because instead i missed out on the party all together. i had to babysit 5 adorable girls, and their parents didn’t get home until wayyyyy too late. i did get to join the night owls for  about an hour of small talk, but i have no pictures :(

Sunday: so here we are at sunday, where i felt the most weird since i leave in one week, and …well that’s pretty much the only reason. we had another game night (with less angry games) and it was such a blessing to be with friends. i hope your weekend was spectacular too!


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