biting bullets is not fun.

Fleet Street Scandal. cutest prints!

4 days. 4DAYS, and i’m throwin’ up the deuces to ya, America. (what?!!) have i packed yet? no. have i thought about it? frequently. here’s the thing: when i pack i feel the need to put everything i own in its rightful place, and then pull it back out group by group to pack. i am the most organized packer ever; everything has its own compartment and it all interlinks perfectly within the suitcase. i am not however the most organized live-er ever. if you’ve ever been in my apartment, i know you’ll testify. my sister likes to compare it to a treasure cave because there’s cool stuff everywhere and you can always find something new that you didn’t know was there, but there’s also all these traps and obstacles (like tall mountains of precariously stacked books and pairs of scissors that are sharp and dangerous yet disguised in seemingly innocent piles of fabric) that must be overcome. that’s right, i’m actually a pirate. argghhhhh. anyways, in honor of the packing that absolutely MUST happen soon, i’m going to share some of my favorite “things organized neatly” which are from this blog that i ADORE which is aptly named: Things Organized Neatly.

this is how my stuff interlocks in my suitcase

this is how i organize my art supplies too! in the middle of the floor.

i just love organized charts. pretty and informative. amen.

this just makes me sad about myself.


this last one is probably what 4 months in Brazil after 4 days of packing will look like… you kind of know what purpose everything is serving and it’s kind of organized…loosly, but overall it just looks like a hot mess. sorry boutcha packing.

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