como se diz “chunky”?

sometimes this might feel a little like a documentary. sorry boutcha if you hate them; however, if you really did care, you probably wouldn’t be reading this anyways. for some reason a lot of people were concerned with what my diet would be like when i left. i will tell you; it is wonderful.

before i came i already knew that i loved rice and beans, and that’s something we eat a lot here, so yay me! and they take it to the next level by adding farofa which is a really yummy grainy/almost powdery thing you put on top of pretty much whatever you’re eating. then i’ve had palmeita which is the insides of a palm tree-so good, it’s my favorite. then there’s aipim which i don’t even know how to say in english because we don’t have it at all. it’s the root of some plant and i’ve had it fried and ground into a powder/molded into a sort of tortilla called tapioca (not at all what you’re thinking right now). the tapiocas i had were actually palmeita e queijo and then a nutella one. none of that weird pudding stuff.  annnddd i’ve tried a lot of new juices that we don’t have at all. the food here is way better than in the US.

even if you discount the foods that we don’t have, the food that they have the same of has a better flavor. like cheese bread which is nothing like any sort of cheese bread i’ve ever had at home, and stuff like plums and chocolate…way better here. i don’t know how i’ll eat when i go home because i can’t remember anything i like there that would even compete with what i’m getting to eat here. plus they’re super cool and eat cookies for breakfast, not desert, only breakfast and maybe snacks. what?! so good.

so all that’s to say i’m eating very well, in fact i’ll probably be fat before long.


1 thought on “como se diz “chunky”?”

  1. i feel the same way! food here is so good. america is dumb in so many ways. it’s really cool in a few, but really not in a few more. like that whole freedom thing is a bit of a perk, but that whole i-have-a-million-dollars-sitting-in-my-bank-account-not-being-used-and-will-never-be-used thing that happens a lot (not with me of course) is a bit on the jank side of things.

    p.s.- teach me how to write good

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