making plans is for the birds; i don’t even know what that means. is that a haiku? empowerment

ok focus. one of my most favorite inspirational blogs is the fossil blog. they always have what i love or am thinking about, and when i saw this post on there, i just haaaad to share. we all know i don’t know what i want to do with my life, but i do know i would love to establish a non-profit, and this one is one of the most inspirational i’ve seen in a while. it’s called 100cameras, and their mission statement states:

100cameras identifies children living in unjust conditions and gives them cameras to document their lives. Their photo narratives are used to raise awareness and capital to meet physical needs and empower sustainable growth within their community.

so these children take pictures and then the organization provides a way for people to buy them, and then ALL of the money goes back to that child in his or her community. they are “empowered,” the consumer gets beautiful (and inexpensive-like $8 inexpensive) art, and the organization finds fulfillment. this is non-profits at their best; i am in love. here are some of the images from the kids:

aren’t they stunning? if you want to read more visit their blog or follow them on facebook or twitter, or just go to their site and buy some prints!


2 thoughts on “emancipation.”

  1. I did NOT know you wanted to start a non-profit. Aboout the only dream I have right now is to work for a NGO or humanitarian org or anything really that helps people.

    Dreams unite?

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