so literally the day that i got down here my friends said, oh by the way, there’s this mission trip through this Brazilian organization called TRANS and Rachel and Paula (2 of the girls that i met in 2005) are going and it’s going to be this amazing once in a lifetime experience and oh my goodness you should go. so i paid a lot of money and now i’m going.

i totally cropped this, but wordpress apparently likes it as a screenshot.

so this is where i’m going. actually it’s where i am, where i’m flying to, and where i’m riding a bus to. if you follow the coast up from the red balloon, you’llsee Vitoria, espirito santo where i am right now. the red balloon is porto allegre, rio grande do sol and then if you follow the coast down just a smidge you’ll see pelotas, which is the city we’ll be working in.

everyone is saying “ohhh, it’s beautiful there” and “ohhh this trip is going to be amazing” but i’m going to be honest (because it’s a curse that i have) i am not feeling excited. i was, but now i’m just nervous and kind of scared. here’s what’s running through my mind:

1. i have flights from 5:30-10:30am and then a 2hour bus ride on jan14 for a trip that technically begins jan15.

2. i’ve got to carry around all my luggage with me, so i’m taking a duffel bag and a roll up matt.

3. i’m carrying a roll up matt. like to sleep on, like leper-that-Jesus-healed style. and it’s bulky…

4. i’m going to be with people who only speak portuguese. and just thinking of speaking makes me nervous.

5. i have absolutely no agenda, no concept of the structure of the trip, no idea how this is working.

here’s why i think i have issues; i’m going to be completely and utterly dependent on those around me. i won’t know what’s going to happen, or how to make it happen, and probably not even what’s currently happening around me. i hate feeling like a burden and i think i’m going to be one, and i’m going to have to trust a ton of people that i don’t even know. this time i actually feel like i’m stepping into the unknown. before, i didn’t know where i was going to stay or what was going to happen, but i had a general idea of some emergency last resort options; this time, i got nothin’. it’s going to be great i know, or rather, it probably already is because i’m writing this post about 4 days before it will post, but in this moment…ahh!

so on to brighter-ish (and slightly obvious) notes, i won’t be able to have internet, or i guess any kind of contact with anyone for the 15 days i am there. just assume no news = good news, unless you haven’t heard from me by february 2nd. if that happens, call brazil. in the meantime, i have scheduled posts for your enjoyment/entertainment. everything so far’s just been about brazil (minus 100cameras) which i know you’ve loved, but i can’t write about things that i don’t know and since i’m scheduling these posts, there’s no way i can know what will be happening. for this reason, most of these posts will just be random. thanks for reading! talk to you [in real time] soon.


2 thoughts on “Pelotas”

  1. Hi Jenna,

    How are you?

    I hope that all is well.

    Don`t worry about the things! like said Bob Marley or like said Jesus in Mathews 6.25-34

    God are in the control of everything in this trip.

    I am sure that God will go bless the lives of several people through your live.

    Good By for now

    Gregory Mitt

    Porto Alegre RS

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