cheeseburger in paradise. no?

they have beaches in brazil. and i live on the coast.



funny story, everyone here thinks i need to buy a brazilian bikini because mine is muito grande. i have a problem with this, not because of their bikini’s, they look good in them, but because if i wore one i would stick out like a sore thumb (sidenote: i’ve sprained my thumb before and it was sore and it didn’t stick out at all). you can always tell nationalities on the beach because if they’re bronzed and beautiful and bootylicious-they’re brazilian, if they’re pasty and puffy-they’re american, and if they happen to be one of those rare cases of milky white elegance chicly lounging in the shade-they’re european. but enough of that, here’s what the beach looks like. and i would be doing you an injustice if i didn’t tell you that pictures don’t do it justice.

aline and i went to 2 beaches in one day

beach 2, praia grande
we went here on the way to that mansion i told you about. (this is the birthday girl)

i like the beach and i love these people.


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