10 things i love about brasil.

  • the word “it” doesn’t exist in portuguese. and we all know how much i abhor an ambiguous pronoun.
  • open doors and open windows. always. please someone let me do this for the rest of my life.
  • hugs and kisses at every meeting and departing of acquaintances. hey “love language” heyyyyyy.
  • carpools. everywhere, all the time. i love roadtrips, but even short ones are better with friends.
  • everyone drives a 5 speed. so it’s acceptable not to go 0-50 in 2sec/drive like a race car driver.
  • hair twirlers. not only do they have a cool way of putting your hair up without a ponytail holder, but they play with your hair all. the. time. you know it’s my dream to hire someone solely for that purpose, right?
  • locally owned businesses. like 97% of them, so the same items are different everywhere. so good.
  • cultural music. i like music. i like tambourines. Brazilians like both too.
  • no pennies. and i hate pennies; they just round up on everything. it’s the most lovely.
  • no squirrels. holy cow, this is the best thing ever.

oh yeah, and all the other stuff too.


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