these posts are going to be a little out of order/confusing, so if there’s something you don’t understand or think you’re missing, wait a post or two and then ask. i think by the end i will have covered all the information. i decided the best way to begin would be by introducing you to my team, not only because they are my favorite part of the trip, but also because they are essential to every other part of the story.

originally i thought that i would be on a team with two girls that i know from Vitoria, so we traveled to Porto Alegre where we met up with 2 other girls (Verônica, and Rebeca) that my friend Raquel had been doing missions with for the last year, and then the next day we traveled to Pelotas, where we learned that the  missionaries there had divided up all the teams. I was with neither Paula nor Raquel, but i was with my very new friend, Verônica. so let’s start there.

(Group 1)


this girl is so awesome. she, like me , can understand more than she can speak, so we improvised and communicated pretty well, all things considered. she was so calm and kind and helpful.


he was the other half of this first group, and he also speaks english fairly well, PTL for that. he wouldn’t smile for a picture though, so that’s why this one is crazy, hope you’re happy André.

Ítalo e Raquel (group 2) 

these two were both precious. thanks to Raquel i got to email my mom a few times because, as sketchy as it was, she had an internet connection. and Ítalo was funny because he always tried to say stuff in english and everyone joked that he was like Dori from Fingind Nemo when she “spoke whale.” it was kind of the funniest hot mess.

(Group 3) Aline

first: don’t judge because while some people, like Aline here, can look good after walking 5 hours in the scorching heat, i am not one of them. this sweet girl reminded me of my sister in her spirit and actions. she was so funny and tender-hearted and we bonded over our love of this song the first day and she taught me how to play it which is awesome because it’s the first song i’ve learned where i had to pick instead of strum. sweetest girl.


Juão was our team leader. he was quiet, but fun. no english here.

(Group 4) Érica

this girl was really funny because she was constantly pinching my cheeks and calling me cute and saying things to me that i didn’t understand because she didn’t know any english and she liked to speak portuguese in a german accent. everyone joked that she was like the girl from Pinky and the Brain (how about that crazy obscure reference). i wrote a song for her to the tune of Phoebe’s Smelly Cat, and everyone sang it all week. she cried when i left, and i really loved her a lot.

Marcos e Cynthia

these two were precious. they had only been married for like 10 days when this trip started and they were really funny. Marcos sang every other minute of every day, and Cynthia (sidenote: her name is pronounced “seen-chuh” which i thought must be incredibly Latino until i saw it written out. rediculous.) is from Paraguay, so she spoke a lot of Spanish for us.

(Group MINE!) Vanéssa

God is good. this girl is an english teacher in rio. she is the only reason i only cried at the end of the day instead of all day every day.

Eduardo my teammate from sao paulo with the most tender of hearts. he was always the most reasonable member on our team, and he always put everyone else before himself. he has the cutest son and daughter and even though he missed them, he put every bit of energy into the task at hand. he cried when i left too, and it pretty much broke my heart.

Pr. Marcos e Adriané

they live in são lourenço and are going to be there for the next four years which concludes this post and brings us to the next topic: locale.


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