that water is the lake, not the ocean. (!?!)

so yes, everyone participating with the missões nacionais organization (about 120ish) people, met in Pelotas. then we split up into teams and people worked in Pelotas, Rio Grande, and São Lourenço. my city was the last. the tiniest of vacation getaways where like 1/3 of the city is houses that get rented out. they have a wonderfully beautiful lake there called Laguna dos Patos (Duck Lake), and pretty much everyone there has multiple dogs. they were everywhere. so gross.

anyways, the city was pretty normal; but they have the most beautiful clouds there. and the most ridiculous weather. in one day it would be pleasantly breezy, rainy, humid, then scorching. it’d be dreary in the morning, twister-like around lunch, then picture perfect bright and blue by 6. and the sun doesn’t set until about 8:30ish every night.

clouds, beautiful.
clouds, rain.
clouds, disappearing.

in this small city which i will show you the roads of shortly, our teams dispersed amongst said streets to hopefully help the missionaries form relationships with the inhabitants. we had breakfast at our house at 8:00am, had a team meeting and devotion afterwards, ate lunch at 12:20, took naps and planned, then went out around 3:00pm and walked walked walked until somewhere between 8:30 and 9pm (which felt more like 60 hours instead of 6), ate dinner and then i went to bed while others talked and laughed forever into the night. i wish i could mark this picture up to show you exactly where we walked, but i guess you’ll just have to ask me in person sometime. i can tell you though that our house was in the bottom three blocks of that little boot of land by the lake, and my group walked down the length of the bottom 3 roads on the left side of the city (and up and down the roads that connected them).  

the red balloon is where we started going door to door and then we walked to the left side of the map down those roads i told you earlier. our house was in the square in the bottom right side of the picture-in the square above r. sao pedro. some of our team walked 18km per day though, like to places off the top left/center of the map. so really, our team had it good. so that’s that, my city for a few weeks.

p.s. google, i love you; thanks for the maps.


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