now that you know all the details, or all the pertinent ones anyways, i can tell you how i feel about it. ok, well, i actually can’t really because i still don’t know. it was the most challenging and difficult thing i’ve ever been a part of. it was rewarding, fun, terrible, and confusing all at once. usually i think i take being a girl and feeling 80 things at once all the time for granted because on this trip i felt 800 things at once all the time and it literally exhausted me.

i had to pay extremely close attention all the time because like i said before, my team spoke several different languages (Portuguese, English, Spanish, German, Italian, and French), they were from all over the country (so they all had different accents), and the state we were in not only had a distinct lack of enunciation and lack of respect for proper intonation, they had a lot of vocab that is only present there (even my brazilian team members got a little confused sometimes). pretty much everyone on my team was young, and so they all talked a lot, really fast, all at once, joked, and used slang. a lot of times i didn’t understand anything that was happening; it was the weirdest sensation.

i even had to listen really carefully for my name most of the time because they rarely called me “Jenna.” most often it was “Genara” (pronounced jen-ah-duh) because that’s as close as we seemed to be able to get to a brazilian translation. secondly was “Tchaina” (pronounced just like the country China) and i got called this a lot mostly to make fun of Marcos for calling me that in the first place since it was nothing like my name at all; fun fact- for the first few days i sincerely thought they were talking about asians a lot. my third name was “Xena” (pronounced sheena) that’s right, just when you though the world had forgotten about the warrior princess brazil pulls through for us, but mostly i’m pretty sure it was just a spin off from china/the way our paraguayan pronounced my name. and the last and least frequent version of my name was “Jemmah” (pronounced like it looks) because the pastor’s wife had some issues.

i love and miss all my new friends, but i am not sad that the trip is over. i wouldn’t change going, but i don’t think i’d do it again. i don’t even know how to begin expressing what i learned and how i felt, and i actually kind of feel like it’s too personal to put on here for all the world (plus if you sincerely want to know things, i would hope that you would email your questions to me, ’cause emails are what’s up). i hope that what i did write however, was enough for you to feel like you were a part of my trip!

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