the drifter and the gypsy.

i know that girls everywhere are going to be ashamed of me when i say this (except for the feminists of course), but i have never really been a jewelry girl. i love pretty jewelry especially necklaces, but i never wear them. and my ears aren’t pierced, so i don’t really do backflips over earrings often, but i do love love love rings. i have lots of favorite rings, but i really only wear my turquoise ring that Alice and i found when we were hunting for vintage pretties and since i wear it every day i don’t usually wear another one. uuuuuntilll i found a new ring the other night at the praca. (which means square and on the weekends it’s full of food, jewelry, and clothing venders) now i wear two rings all the time, and it’s kind of funny because they’re kind of way different from one another; however, they’re both a lot like my personality, so whatevs.

turquoise is my favy fave, but i love the emerald color too.
the metal-work on my silver one i love, but how cool is the braided band?!
look! they're best friends.

i think they say “hey i’m kind of different in a weird-ish way and i like tribal things while i appreciate dainty beauty and wish i could be a victorian.” which is exactly what i try to say every day of my life, so i’m going to go ahead and declare this match a win-win.

(and sidenote: isn’t brazil lovely from my balcony? it’s about 100 degrees though)

also, you can’t tell in this picture because my hair is up and in a shadow, but the sun has made my hair blonde while i’ve been here.

american summer 2010.
brazilian summer 2011

(and, the first is from a picture where i was standing in the sun and i cropped some hair out of it, the second is a picture taken directly of my hair while i was in the sun. neither was taken with a flash.) i hope it fades; is that even possible?


1 thought on “the drifter and the gypsy.”

  1. Oh dang. I really like that new ring. Also, can we please talk about how Ray has stole my turquoise ring?! I keep forgetting to tell you. He stole it and wears it on his pinky. SO RUDE. Please feel free to harass him about it.

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