happy monday.

i’m going to begin by saying i really do not approve of valentine’s day. i never have; i probably never will. and that opinion has stood whether i had a romantic interest or not. i don’t like the commercialism of it, and i don’t like that everyone celebrates it at the same time because i feel like that in itself makes it less special. plus it comes from something pagan i’m sure, and that usually passes as an acceptable reason to disapprove of something. except christmas; don’t ever try to say you don’t like christmas because Jesus was actually born in september and the holiday people celebrate has pagan roots; you WILL be shunned.

anyhow. in true ironic fashion i’m going to show some things love-related that i find extremely charming, and i’m going to do it on the day that i refuse to acknowledge as a love-related holiday.

of course etsy always has the best everything always (click on items to view shops). i just love those cards; i’d send them to myself any day of the year, and the “i love you” stitching is reminiscent of a clever knock-knock joke and we all know how much i love a corny canny joke.

so that’s it, that’s all i can do for you on this “special” day, but i will say that if you aren’t accustomed to telling people how you feel or proclaiming your love to them, use today as an excuse to do so please. for your own sake.


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