cosmic love.

i am not an artist.

but i am creative, and i do like to pretend. i also think that art therapy is something that is ignored and under-rated, and i myself like to engage in it. i always always have a notebook with me; it’s essential to my life. in the ol’ brazil here, i did this thing where i took one of those notebooks and decided to paint watercolors in it. it was full of graph paper and certainly doesn’t hold color well, but when you’re using crayola baby watercolors that problem seems rather insignificant. so i let my itunes be a genius and then i painted something to do with whatever that song made me think of; most of the time i included lyrics from it in the picture. and then whatever song was on when i finished i used for the next picture. it is fun and relaxing and silly. so without further ado:

the supplies. you thought i was kidding about the kiddy paint?
ben kweller in case you wondered about the lyrics.
kweller again...itunes has a crush i think.
florence & the machine.

and that’s all you get. sorry, but this feels weird and i’m already “that girl” in so many other ways, i can’t become her here. love you dearly though, thanks for reading amigos.


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