lost in translation.

i’m about to be cliche, but i am sorry that i semi-neglected you dear reader[s]. it’s just that i don’t really know what’s happening in my life currently, and in the mixture of being home, feeling weird, processing, debriefing, jumping back onto the treadmill of activity that is still running like it was before i left, trying to find part-time monies, worrying praying about the future, and breathing, i just haven’t felt super inspired. i am in the process of making some things though, and that usually helps me get back in the saddle, so expect more soon. or expect less and i’ll pleasantly surprise you!

meanwhile, since i myself have been feeling a little lost in translation i decided to share with you an actual video from a time when i was not metaphorically, but ENTIRELY lost in translation. this video as you might guess is from brazil, and this a hilarious snl-esq skit these two liked to do that made even me (with my limited understanding) roll in the floor laughing. the guy on the left (who is brazilian and speaks no english) is “telling” a story by using a mixture of actual english words and syllables that create nonexistent words while the guy on the right (who also doesn’t understand any english at all) “translates” his story into portuguese. you’ll probably be completely lost the entire time, but you can watch it and marvel at how weird it is to listen to someone else communicate in another language.

(also, you should listen for the part where juao translates marcos’ “disease” as “Jesus”)


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