jane eyre.

i like to read, duh. and the last three days tutoring have been immeasurably beneficial to this habit. in the time that i have had tutees cancel or simply didn’t have any to begin with, i have been able to finish Jane Eyre, which no, i, the english major, had not previously read (yeah yeah i feel the scorn and shame). anyhow, it was an enjoyable read. i liked it best because i still am not sure how i ultimately feel about most of the main characters, and i liked it least because the ending felt contrived and almost hasty. it is, however, ultimately worth perusing, and to give you a taste i want to share some of my favorite quotes. i just love these.

i really appreciate this one for the claim it makes about the art of writing. i also think there are some people who sort of live poetry, or live poetically to say the least, and if they exist then i feel the opposite of them is whom this quote refers to.

“Poetry destroyed? Genius banished? No! Mediocrity, no: do not let envy prompt you to the thought. No; they not only live, but reign and redeem: and without their divine influence spread everywhere, you would be in hell–the hell of your own meanness.”

this quote i love because it is the basis of jane’s character, and it is in a sense what i aspire to be. it is a trait/feeling that i think some people are magnetically drawn to while others are threatened and…well, creeped out by it.

“I could never rest in communication with strong, discreet, and refined minds, whether male or female, till I had passed the out-works of conventional reserve, and crossed the threshold of confidence, and won a place by their heart’s very hearth-stone.”

here she’s having a little monologue about how she could never be untrue to herself in order to make a match in marriage (which would ironically prevent it from actually being a match in most senses of the word). the idea is very against those common in her society, and oddly enough i think becoming less common in ours. i feel ya jane.

“[…] my heart and mind would be free. I should still have my unblighted self to turn to: my natural unenslaved feelings with which to communicate in moments of lonliness. There would be recesses in my mind which would be only mine, to which he never came; and sentiments growing there fresh and sheltered, which his austerity could never blight, nor his measured warrior-march trample down.”

typical jane again. she never does leave an argument thinking of herself; i wish i could say the same, but i certainly have had times when i do NOT run after my friends for the sake of reconciliation after they’ve abused me as jane was here. (kindness, goodness, faithfulness, anyone?)

“I have not much pride under such circumstances: I would always rather be happy than dignified; and I ran after him”

so read the book, friends; it’s good.


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