Sometimes I get really inspired just as I’m getting all snuggly in bed having fluffed my pillow just right and set my alarm clock, and in those moments I think, “man, I just need to get back up, go (get that laptop)(sketch that out)(reorganize that bookshelf) right now before the moment passes”. But I almost never do. In a good ‘for instance’ I jot down an oddly worded description in an oddly named list in my phone (which is why I have like 27 lists ranging from “look it up” to “practical jokes” to “lessons”) but in a far more common, sad ‘for instance’ I just get real excited and then slowly drift from genius to “hey I think I’m dehydrated, and my back is really begging me for some yoga” and “why can’t I ever remember/care about the weather channel, I’m so tired of wearing cardigans when it’s a million degrees”.

So now that you’ve been given a glimpse into my mind (I honestly don’t know whether to apologize or congratulate you) know that this post itself was conceived during an inspired moment that whilst I was too lazy to venture out of bed for laptop, I certainly felt compelled enough to wear my thumbs out creating a virtual form of accountabilty that I might not forget to share with you, forrealsies, later.

Hold me to it friends, and remind me it’s about…man I already forgot. No worries, it’s gotta be on a list somewhere.


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