going global.

so remember that time i told you i was making things? well i have finally finished them. i would’ve already shared them with you except i’m too lazy  a) the fabric i turned into a dress i wasn’t really happy with (i think i’m going to make it a skirt now) and b) the other craft was for the super cute engagement of BFF tori and i was going to let her share it first. i don’t think she’s going to though, so don’t worry i’ll post that later this week.

that said, the third craft, the globe, is finished! and i’m really happy with how it turned out. i wish i had about 5 more to play with because while i was doing it i just kept thinking of more ideas, so if you ever happen upon one on the side of the road, help a sista out. anyways, although it was a lot more complicated than i initially anticipated, it looks lovely (if you maintain a healthy distance). here’s what had happened:

so this is what we started with. fun colors, but on a globe so old it still had "newfoundland" as a label.
and since this globe had its glory days in an elementary school, it was in need of serious repair because the hemispheres were trying to part ways.*
then i wrapped it up, sanded it, and sprayed it black. silver and rust is so 1985.
next i painted. i used black latex and it was so thick i went with acrylic for the blue, but then i ended up having to do like 3 to 4 coats, so next time, latex all the way fo sho.**
the patron of this globe wanted a quote, so all you missed in pictures is me printing it out and cutting it into strips. after that i shaded the back with a soft pencil so that it would leave residue after the next step.
i taped them up (A PAIN if you're concerned at all about them being crooked or unequally spaced or billowed out).***
in theory after tracing and removing the paper the words will all be outlined in pencil ready for tracing.****
i grabbed an artist pen next and refrained with all my might from throwing the whole thing into my pool. i only thought hand painting around all those countries and lakes was awful; tracing those letters was excruciating. *****
spraying it with workable fixative may or may not have been optional, but once while working on it, my polaris spewed water at it and it left spots above australia, i decided it was for the best. ******
and done. as painful as some of the process was, i really want to make another now!

* ecoglue, is THE way to go. best glue i’ve used, and i have quite the collection.

** miss south carolina is probably more accurate than this globe now. it’s crazy hard to get country lines correct; greenland looks like a gopher now, and i’m really not sure if this globe has a hawaii.

*** i learned this trick in typography, and it works much better on flat surfaces like paper or even canvas. applying sufficient pressure on a rounded globe that rotates in two directions simultaneously is less fruitful. p.s. i have no idea why this picture is pixilated.

**** squint people, squint! i had to trace these letters outside so the light was strong enough, but in the shade so that the ghost letters didn’t disappear.

***** just a glance at this pic please. if my type teacher could see me now, she would not be pleased. sorry boutcha hand cramps, “c” material at best.

****** check out new guinea(?) there. it looks like a baby seal. that’s pure talent.


5 thoughts on “going global.”

  1. I want one too and since a)Mother’s Day is just around the corner and 2)you know what I did for 18 HOURS….. I think I should get one next!

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