Sometimes I think, “man it would just be the coolest to write creative stories that make people think more intentionally and change their lives by becoming a part of how they define things”* Soon after that, however, I realize I’m not really good at writing creatively or without a hint of snarkiness or even consistently following the rules of capitalization**.  i also sometimes have issues with people who write all serious things all the time; like i develop this weird need to hug them or buy them a popsicle or show them pictures of fat me from the 5th grade so they can know what it’s like to smile and laugh. i don’t ever want to be that person scowling in the coffee shop drinking shots of espresso while completing my Southern Gothic masterpiece***.  Instead I want to be the person whose writing makes people accidentally snicker in public and say, “she is just a crazy” because being crazy is fun, and embarrassing people is even better.****

*an example of such behavior is how i now rate mean people on a scale  of Iago from Shakespeare’s Othello. “oh she needs to tone her Iago-ness down/ that was mean, but it wasn’t Iago-esq”

**i only do this because i have a liberal arts degree in english that says i can…right on the front…in invisible ink. 

***no, i don’t know anyone who’s ever done this and yes, southern  gothic is my favorite, thanks for remembering.

****I HATE EMBARRASSING PEOPLE. and i hate when they embarrass  themselves; it makes me wanna cry and stuff.


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