my whole staff is on the twitter.

week one is done, son.

I’ll start by reminding you that I love camp. In fact, let me show some gems from previous summers I’ve worked:

Livin' that dream, you know?
the fam jam at christmas.
obviously we're cool.
know what's fun? mega at 3:00 in the scorching KY sun.
we were losing at "lick the bowl" but winning at friendship.

And then there’s the simple fact that camp has brought me some of my very best friends:

bff4l these girls are the best.
native american sisters
more precious girls.

**not pictured, but just as adored: Amanda, JKelley, Bear Attack, Baby Nick and Nate McDiv.

aaaanndddd I get to spend weeks on end with some of the most adorable (and crazy wild) children ever:

and I quote, "Miss Ginger, I can kiss you on the lips?"
sweet Nate. he probably wore clothes twice all summer.

But one of my most favorite things about camp is the way that people, staff, campers, site babies, all start understanding community. For a long time community was challenging for me, both to understand and also to desire. I love that camp reminds me about the love my Savior has for me and the bond He’s provided for me to have with others. I love loving people and I love that moment when people realize they’re loved. It’s so powerful and beautifully overwhelming. That said, this week, meeting my site babes and then seeing the quietest group of campers ever love one another and encourage me in love was just the sweetest thing, and as tired as I am right now, I wouldn’t have spent one less minute pouring out my heart; ptl for sweet reminders of the Lord’s faithfulness.


5 thoughts on “my whole staff is on the twitter.”

    1. um, you know what makes me happy? either, i didn’t see it before, or you edited this post, but whichever it is, i just got overjoyed that you “adore” me! hahaha. you know, like when, you’re not sure if someone you like, likes you just as much, and not in a like love way, but a like friend way, you know?
      p.s. WAY too many commas, but i wanted you to pause where my brain was pausing :)
      p.s.s. posting as a guest cause i’m at work

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