where are you going?

So last summer I met two A-mazing girls and this past week I thought about them A-lot. This post is dedicated to them.

Sometimes I talk about my feelings toward creativity, you know like I did here, and always I like to ponder its existence. I feel like everyone is creative in their own way, and I think it’s most evident in children because they are so willing to try new things and ask questions. One time I watched this video about how schools kill creativity, and the main thing he points out is that we begin to discourage questions as children grow up; questions begin to bother us. I hate that, but I see it in myself sometimes.

Last summer there was a girl on my staff who asked a million questions. always. Like her questions-per-minute were probably much higher than a seasoned court stenographer’s words-per-minute. At first I almost felt inconvenienced by it, but then I realized it was awesome. She said what she felt; she was honest; she was vulnerable. And she was constantly learning. Being her friend and keeping up with her this last year has been so encouraging for me. Because of her I feel like I lost my fear to ask questions and rediscovered my curiosity.

Another girl from last summer, whose friendship I am endlessly grateful for, also loved a good question. She is one of the most intentional people I’ve ever met, and when she asked questions she asked for 2 reasons, because she wanted to praise the Lord for what He was doing in other’s lives, and because she wanted to encourage others. Because of her I learned the important role questions play in having healthy community.

All of this to say that I think we underestimate the power simple questions have- the power to empower someone- which is just the coolest thing I think. With a simple question you can remind someone that their ideas are valuable, that their character is impressive, that their lives are meaningful. I like questions, and I’m so grateful to work a job that requires them.


1 thought on “where are you going?”

  1. i don’t know what to say, except for that you make my heart very happy :) i’m not always sensitive to people around me and how they may be feeling about all my questions, but i swear i mean well :) and i’m glad i helped you to find your curiosity again, because it really is important to learning :) thanks for writing this, a blog may be coming soon where i talk more in depth about camp (and friends)

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