the girl.

so here’s what happened. every summer our sweet bosses at the Lifeway treat us to a semi-fancy dinner for working 8 million hours and week and loving it; this year we mixed things up a bit and the boys drew names and then had to creatively invite that girl to the dinner. Mine was absolutely the best one (we all agreed) and because it was so awesome i wanted to share.

this is precious, or dingus, or matt, whatever you feel like calling him really. he’s our video producer guy and he’s incredibly sweet and funny and talented. after we had finished our team meetings and things i was going to bed and my suite mate and another girl came into my room and literally dragged me out and into our completely black auditorium then led me to the front row and left me. this video is what happened next, and after that i got flowers and chocolate and twizzlers and apple juice. clearly the best ever.


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