I am going to start doing this thing that my good friend Sean here does, and I’m going to introduce you to some of my site babies. I get to spend an entire summer with them, so it’s only fair that you get to meet them too!

This is Sonyia. She’s about the sassiest little girl I’ve ever known, and she brings joy to me every day. She runs up to me as soon as I get there in the mornings for a hug and then for the rest of the day she walks around all prissy, flipping her all over the place. She loves to hula hoop, and she’s got dance moves like you wouldn’t believe.


1 thought on “Sonyia.”

  1. […] Meeting these people. I’ve never met such a large group of people so wholly devoted to God and loving people. They do life well, and I could call anyone of them at this moment and pick up where we left off with a hug and laughter. (also my site babies: here, here, here, etc.) […]

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