easily the best wednesday of the year.

today has been so wonderful and so full of encouragement and love, i just needed to share mid-week. the thing that made me decide to post this earlier today happened on site, so this is a picture of what i walked up on today at the D.C.

it’s my girl, toni, and my man Treavion. here’s what happened, Treavion wrote a song that went like this: “If you believe God will help you through it / All you gotta do is pray about it / All you gotta do is praise Him, praise Him / Yes, that’s what you gotta do / Don’t take a step forward / Take a step back / Let the Lord take over ” (and it continued for a chorus and another verse) Then he brought it back up to the Dream Center and asked Toni if she would help him put music to it. So she figured out some chords and such, and then they played/sang it together. It was beautiful, and it made me cry.

And if that’s not enough, here’s what Toni said to me after I told her thank you for doing that, “No! I’ve only been to Fuge once, and it was kind of for us, but now it’s for them; we get to serve them. That was amazing; I loved it.”

Fuge: Life Changing Camps. duh.


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