i ain’t lost, just wandering.

sometimes i wonder just how healthy blogging actually is. all social media, really. i mean no matter what the medium it kind of gives you unlimited possibility to recreate yourself, and to do so without any relation to reality. i wonder if maybe that’s good sometimes- if it’s a simplistic way of trying new things or learning more about yourself. but sometimes i wonder if people are only who they really are in print and then in person they slip into a more guarded and reticent demeanor and spirit. that can’t be good, or can it?

one of my main aspirations in life is to be consistent and full of integrity. i think i achieve that mostly, but today i feel awfully reflective about it. sorry for making you listen, but let’s be real, this is my blog and honestly if you were sitting beside me right now i would’ve voiced the same concerns to you in person, so really i’m just taking one step closer to my goal.


remember when i pulled out the art pens and filled half my sketchbook with words? that was fun.

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