Monday’s child is fair of face.

Since I loathe packing so completely I oftentimes this past week found myself working on craft projects instead.
BFF Emily had this window pane she didn’t need, so I went a little crazy with it and decided it needed to become a dry erase weekly calendar. Yay!

Here’s what you need:

  • window pane
  • fabric
  • scrapbook paper
  • modge podge (or like substance) and brush to apply with
  • glue gun
  • yarn
  • Sharpie

Here’s what happened:

I first took some fabric and glued it to the wood ( I think I used modge podge actually, and that was poor judgement on my part because even though it’s my favorite craft supply, hot glue would’ve been much more efficient). Next I cut the paper to fit the glass, and then applied it with, yep you guessed it, modge podge. The front edges were a little rough, because it’s challenging to trim the excess fabric from the edges with the slicer thingie, so I took some yarn and glooped and twirled and swirled it all up on those edges with that hot glue gun that burned through 10 layers of skin on my leg the other day ( clearly we’ve made peace with one another again, no worries). Then finally I wrote the days of the week in Sharpie so they wouldn’t wipe off as I start leaving messages. [yes, Sunday is missing, but it’s the Lord’s day, on which I plan to rest, so no scheduling needed to happen that day, not a big loss]

cutting the sheets were easy. i forgot to list it, but you'll need a box cutter/scissors too.
the modge podge dries clear, but on the darker panels the strokes are unfortunately still a little evident.


i wasn't kidding. i literally just squished some together and pressed it into glue.
printed paper looks the best i think, and you have to do 2 layers of sharpie.


thanks instagram for making my project look cool.

Looking back I would’ve chosen more light colors like the tan and floral print sheets because the purples and browns are just too dark for my taste, but I’m a fan of the finished project either way. Get crafty, friends; then show me yo’ stuffs!


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