It. Is. Your. Birthday.

BFF Tori (aka BIRTHDAY GIRRRRLL) is the big 2-1 today. This girl is one of the most talented up and coming graphic designers, craftiest, vintage loving (and wearing), affectionate crazy girls I know. I’ve laughed until I couldn’t breathe with tears streaming down my face, and we’ve shared several sob sessions too. I’m so thankful she’s alive and that she’s OLDer. Yay Tor!

this is pretty much what she looks like all the time.
the type of photo we will take if together for more than 21 minutes.


tori and her fiance, walter. they cute.
this is us pretending we're cool/ making Ashlyn work hard for a photo.
this is who we really are.

YYAY TOR! iloveyouforreals.