TWO in one day!

every year for like 10 years now BFF Kimberly and i share a birthday weekend. i won’t lie i was a little sad that tradition would change with my move this year, but alas, she’s coming up this weekend! i love it because birthday parties used to be a point of contention until we decided to join forces and dominate august with our joint parties. evidence below:

ok. i promise there was a party; we really did have friends, promise.

we also just love a party in general:

GaGa anyone? yes.

and for years we taught at summer camp together:

the perks of chaperoning youth hats.

AND also for several years we ended the old and brought in the new year together, which i really think is symbolic of our relationship because she’s seen me at my worst and best and loved me all the same all the while. she’s one of the very few people who was there through every stage of pain and growth that molded my character and i can’t begin to convey what a comfort she’s been to me over the years, just knowing she gets me. ohhhhh i love her so much!

P.S. Kim, as you’re reading this, let’s vow to take better/more pictures? we look a mess.


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