betty crocker ain’t got nothin’ on me honey, nothin’






(the title is a reference from one very talented Sarah Hyland whose Gail character never ever gets any less funny to me #youtubeaholic)


So there’s this website called Pinterest that I adore. And whilst perusing one day I found this photo and recipe from this blog




Clearly, the color alone was reason enough to pull out those cake pans, but i also found it about a week before my birthday. need i say more? i made myself a blue velvet cake, and it was actually really really good. you should definitely click the link to the original blog if you want to try this because mine was not professional by any stretch of the imagination and you know all i did was pull up her directions and set that laptop on the kitchen counter. however, i was slightly proud of the fact that i didn’t catch anything on fire and that i used my food processor all while documenting with the phone. i’ll show you the pretty pictures.


the beginnings of the cake batter. i'm not even going to tell you how many egg whites are featured here.


ta-dah! it even had a blueberry glaze for the top (not pictured, sadly.)

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