5 on friday!

what’s that, a new feature post? are you crazy? do you know who i am? have you forgotten secret saturday? maybe.

here are 5 things i really appreciated this week.

1. this website is so fun. for lots of reasons. explore it. analyze it. revisit it.

The Burning House

2. this album full of wonderful artists. free on noisetrade. and also a preview of what’s coming to Nashville Sept. 21-24 if you live in the area.

(my favorites are The Bridges and Humming House)

3. This lovely little online magazine, Matchbook.

the design is spectacular, the contents are entertaining. i always love it.

4. This blog, Mixtapes & Cupcakes, that is full of inspiration and sweet things. And this blog, Anthropology & Love,  that is full of thoughtfulness and scholarly desires (and is written by my friend Amanda who’s visiting this weekend).

5.This video on London fashion. And my friend Rachel, who’s studying abroad there as i type.


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